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Cactus Golden Barrel 140mm CACGOL140

Cactus Golden Barrel 140mm

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Echinocactus grusonii, commonly known as Golden Barrel Cactus or Mother in Law's Cushion, are one of the most spectacular Cactus in cultivation today. Golden Barrel Cactus have green ribbed stems with sharp golden spines and eventually produce small yellow flowers in Summer. They can reach up to around 1 metre tall and 1 metre in diameter; however they are very slow growing and can take decades to reach their full height. Echinocactus thrive in a full sun position and are very drought tolerant, making them a popular choice for xeriscaping.

Common Name Golden Barrel, Mother In Law's Cushion
Flower Colour Yellow
Genus Echinocactus
Growth Rate Slow
Light Full Sun, Part Shade
Max Height 1m
Max Width 1m
Pot Size 140mm
Species Grusonii
Water Low, Drought Tolerant

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