Guzmania 140mm GUZ140

Guzmania 140mm

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Guzmania are one of the best and easiest Bromeliads to grow indoors, and with a range of colours they provide a tropical look year-round. They have long, strappy green leaves, large colourful rosette shaped bracts and in time will produce small white flowers. Guzmania thrive on bright, indirect sunlight but will be fine if placed in low or artificial light. When fully grown they can reach up to 60cm high and 60cm wide. It's important to keep the 'central vase' topped up with water; however, if left for too long the water can stagnate, so it's a good idea to empty and replace the water each month or so.

Bract Colour Orange, Purple, Red or Yellow
Common Name Scarlet Star
Flower Colour White
Foliage Colour Green
Genus Guzmania
Growth Rate Slow
Light Shade, Indoor
Max Height 60cm
Max Width 60cm
Pot Size 140mm
Species Lingulata
Water Moderate